Roy Bailey Box Set – Singing Out

The following words were written and read at the Roy Bailey Remembered Celebration recorded at Towersey Festival 2019.  First published by Towersey Festival in the CDs of that concert.

“You have lived a good life.  You have cared for your fellow man, your place in our hearts and memories is secure. Go well my friend.

Your lasting memory will remain on earth, Roy Bailey a remarkable man, a great message carrier, a storyteller, a campaigner for good, a performer, an artist, a genius of his craft, a kind and loving man, a man to be loved as you always will be.

A great friend to me and a real man of principle and peace never to be forgotten. Our friendship is everlasting, our love is unbreakable. 

Thank you for sharing your life with me and my family, with so many friends and people and for showing us the way.  With all love to you, Roy Bailey, go in peace and go well.”  SH

It has been an absolute privilege to be part of the team that brings you this Box Set Singing Out.

Roy seemed to feature at every twist and turn of my long career in arts, entertainment and festivals and I will never forget him.

Steve Heap